Current Bids + Requests

I will pull from this pool next time I’m taking on commissions. Submit a bid/request and find more info on this page.    
Exchange Rate (estimated)
AUD $100= USD $72.25 EUR €63.65 GBP £53.02 CAD $90.24 JPY ¥8,253.32 KRW ₩85,783.07

Position 1

Bid: $280

Character: Raiden Shogun
Series: Genshin Impact

Tags: (None, left up to me)


Position 2

Bid: $275

Character: Adult Neptune
Series: Hyperdimension Neptunia

Tags: Bunny Girl Suit, Double Penetration, Cowgirl Position


Position 3

Bid: $250 AU

Character: Asuka
Series: Senran Kagura

Tags: Hidden


Position 4

Bid: $210

Character: IF (Iffy)

Series: Neptunia

Tags: Pregnant


Position 5

Bid: $N/A

Character: N/A

Series: N/A

Tags: N/A


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