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What Commission system do you like better? (read page first)

New Change: Submitting requests is now open 24/7.

So, you’ve seen my drawings and you have something you want me to draw? This is the right place to get me to draw one you want.

The summary of this process is if you want a drawing, you can submit a request along with a bid amount. This will add to the pool of requests I can pull from whenever I wish to draw a commission. More info and the form to submit a request is contained below.


The product is roughly the ability to choose 1 character, and whatever lewd thing they are doing for Weresdrim to draw as part of a set of drawings frequently released on Weresdrim.org.
The criteria for acceptable ideas can be strict, and first and foremost the drawing must serve the interest of members. Details are negotiable.


No payment is necessary until after your form is submitted and idea is accepted, though it is expected if you do get the slot.

Some characters/series are popular and/or favorites of mine!

This page has a full list of them, your request will do better with characters/series from there.


  1. Have a character*, sex position/s, genre, fetish etc. and a brief description of your idea in mind.
  2. If a slot is available, submit the form on this page. It’s a short form, but you may need to put some thought into your idea as you will be competing with others for your slot. Don’t make it too long, but try your best to present what you want.
  3. Wait. This may take a very long time (months or more). You will be contacted if your idea is successful or more information is required to determine this. You’ll be asked for details about your request. Some negotiation may be involved depending on the request.
  4. If successful, you pay for your request with the amount you bid. This is paid on this page.
  5. You get your character set drawn, usually within the next month.

*Not all characters are accepted, so it’s best practice to check on this page if it will be. If your character isn’t there, you can submit it to the form on that page.


How it works:

  • You submit an idea on this page with a bid.
    Note: Your bid must be higher than one of the current top 5 in order to be added to the list.
  • If it’s a new idea, I look over it, if I like it enough I add it to this page. With the bid amount and parts of the idea displayed unless you wish the idea to be hidden.
    Note: If hidden, others likely won’t crowdfund it.
  • At a random time in the future, if I feel like taking on a new commission, I will take a look at the current top 5 bids and choose one to accept. Obviously money is an incentive, however it does not necessarily mean 1st place will get the position if I like another idea better at that time.
  • Once accepted, I will contact you (and potentially others if crowdfunded) for payment so I can start on your commission.
  • If no payment is received, I will either move on to another request, or not do one at all until later. You may be banned from participating in future bids if you fail to pay for a proposed commission that is accepted.

My favorite idea wins

  • This can be pretty subjective, based on my fan’s preferences or on my own current whim, so don’t feel too bad if you miss out.


  • You can support someone else’s idea with your own bid if you wish! This can be a helpful way to lower the overall cost of something you would like to see. You can also request to speak with the head requester, and if they accept, you can negotiate some details. They may accept a compromise if it means gaining your support. All of this equally applies if you yourself are the head requester, it’s possible to receive the support of others if they like your idea.

1 Idea per person

  • You may submit another form, however only your latest idea will be considered.

Editing a Request

  • You may edit your currently proposed idea by submitting another form. This may not be accepted by either myself, or people who may have crowdfunded your idea if any have.

Removing a Request

  • Requests may be removed at anytime. Simply submit a form on this page asking for yours to be removed.


  • If accepted and over a month has passed since payment and your drawing is still not complete, you may ask for a refund. In this case however, your drawing won’t be completed. You may ask for a refund sooner than this but it may not be accepted.

Are uncensored versions available to those who win a slot but do not have membership at the time of release?

  • Yes. You will be sent all versions of your request illustration even without membership.
  • Method of delivery will be via email or some other method of contact I have with you.
  • If you do have membership, you will be able to view on this site and can download the full HD release as usual.

Tips that’ll increase odds of your idea’s acceptance

  • Keep it short, the more details you leave to my freedom the better. If you can’t think of something, don’t write it! I’ll fill in the gaps. I tend to work better with more freedom and I’ll be more inclined to accept ideas that reflect this.
  • Be aware of how long it’ll take to draw. If your idea is too complicated or with too many panels, other shorter ideas will likely be chosen over it, or it may be outright rejected.
  • Use attributes you generally see in my work (more accurately, probably don’t ask for things that are far outside the scope of what you usually see me drawing).
  • Characters on my favorite characters list.
  • Pregnancy/Impregnation
  • Popularity of the character with myself, and others, such as those voted for by members in the poll section, or those that are currently popular in general at the moment.
  • My preferences generally line up significantly with the characters/series that are listed on this page.

Also keep in mind that I do better work on characters and features I also feel a connection with, so it’s best if we do match up in preferences.

You can also give snippets of dialogue. This isn’t necessary at all but if you have the idea and think it’s good, go ahead and write it in.

Requests OPEN (always)

You can always submit a request so I have a pool of requests to take when I wish to do a commission. Your request may take a long time before it is accepted, if it is ever. Patience is a must.

Exchange Rate (estimated)
AUD $100=USD $63.98EUR €60.65GBP £52.49CAD $86.38JPY ¥9,553.80KRW ₩86,574.59

    Request Form

    Bid must be higher than one of the proposals on this page. Some characters/series are preferred and will increase your odds of acceptance, you can see them here. Do not bid any amount you do not intend to pay if successful.

    Your Name*

    Any name/username you want me to know you by, or to identify yourself if I already know you.


    Your Discord

    Optional, but if you have a discord it'll help me to ask any follow up questions.

    Bid Amount (In $AUD, minimum bid is $100, must be whole number ending in 0 or 5)

    Your Idea / What you want to request

    Try to keep it concise, but convincing. You'll be competing with others for the slot based on your idea. Keep in mind that leaving more details up to me is often the most convincing thing you can do.

    Do you wish to keep your idea hidden?

    Keeping your idea hidden won't allow others to crowdfund your idea if they like it. If not hidden, your idea will be posted this page, either in full or summarized.

    You must be willing to pay the slot price if successful.

    By submitting this form, you've read and agreed to the privacy, digital delivery and refund policy of Weresdrim.org*

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    The data in this form will be used for your request. Your bid amount will be shared on this site, you may choose to keep your idea anonymous, but otherwise it will also be shared. Your name and email won't be sold or shared to anyone without your permission. Privacy policy can be found at the bottom of this page in the footer.

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