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Weresdrim.org Membership (Patreon)

AUD$7.00 AUD$0.00

Free for users who have made a pledge this month on Patreon. Monthly Patreon-style support payment, with potential to gain access to any new content released in the following month.
The estimated probability of content being released in a given month is shown in the sidebar of the home page.

Rewards may include:
  • Premium content, including versions of illustrations without censorship and bonus variations, for those released within the month/s of subscription.
  • Cheaper than buying illustrations after their month of release.
  • HD png downloads for each post
  • Bonus variations (usually change of clothing or some sort of action)
  • The ability to vote and influence what drawings I create.
  • Contribute toward Weresdrim.org membership milestone goals when available
  • Ability to enter Weresdrim's Discord server at will, outside of short and rare public entry windows
Please note that I do not always produce content at a constant rate. With this in mind, it is possible that a given month will include less, or no content at all.

Purchase toward the end of a month when most (if not all) content is produced if risk averse.

You also get my thanks for choosing to support me here at the home of my art, on my independent site where I don't need to pay a significant fee (10%+) to Patreon or any other creator platform. If you choose to get these rewards thank you very much for your support!

This product requires an account before purchase as it is tied to an account. Please log in/register before attempting to purchase.

Those who wish to purchase membership with Paypal instead of by card must do so by subscribing to my Patreon, full instructions for this can be found here.

Please note that membership only grants access to drawings released in the period of your subscription. To unlock previous drawings, you must purchase these in their packages, either in a singular month, or a 3-month or 1-year package (cheaper). You can find these on the shop page.

Charge is upfront, then renews on the 2nd of each month. (depending on your timezone, this will probably be on the 1st of each month). Can be cancelled at any time. Since you cannot 'return' this product, refunds are usually not allowable, with the exception of a serious product fault. Please email [email protected] or contact Weresdrim elsewhere if you have any issues with your purchase. Note: Card providers may give different rates as all prices are charged in $AUD. $USD values provided are an estimate. Please note this product no longer grants access to previously released content. Particularly toward the start of each month, there may not be any content yet released, you will have access to this forever when it is released.
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