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And common questions.

How do I get access to uncensored images?

Can I commission something?

  • Only when they’re open, which you can see here along with other details.
  • See details about what sorts of commissions are accepted, along with discounts available here.

“There is no content assigned to this membership.”

  • This message shows up under content in accounts with membership, even when memberships are working fine. It is nothing to worry about.
  • It is just a part of memberships that cannot easily be removed from the plugin I use for memberships. There is never supposed to be content in this section, it is only revealed in the relevant posts if you do have a relevant membership.

Why isn’t my membership working?

Here are some things to check for if this is the case:

  • Previews of posts (i.e. what is shown on the homepage or in related posts) are never uncensored, even for members.
  • You must click on the post itself to see uncensored content.
  • If you are subscribed via Patreon, you will need to re-purchase this month’s package (on this site) every month, for free ($0) provided you are still subscribed on Patreon. Regular on-site membership gives rewards automatically, this is unfortunately just a side effect of the way Patreon is integrated with the site. If you do happen to miss a month of membership, contact me and I’ll give it to you provided you were in fact subbed on Patreon at the time.
  • You may have purchased a different membership package to the content you are trying to view uncensored. Please double check the month of the drawing’s release matches with the membership package you have purchased.
  • Double check you see something like this on the sidebar, indicating your membership is activated:
  • Check your memberships to see if you were in fact given a membership, or the correct membership, after you’ve paid.

Where can I download the images?

  • Make sure you have membership, HD downloads are only shown to those with membership.
  • On each post, usually below the very lowest image within the post, is a link to download the whole set of images.
  • Right-click and saving on the individual images will only give you the lower res jpg versions so I recommend using the download link if you want the highest quality png versions available.

If you’re still having problems with any of the above, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or in the form below where I’ll generally respond within 24hrs.

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