I’ve changed the server host for this site. Please be wary of any bugs, and contact me about them either directly or in Help.


The Weresdrim Art Discord server is a server filled with anime artists, creators and other friends/fans of Weresdrim, and of course I (Weresdrim) am there too.
I’m very active on this server and it’s where I discuss many of my thoughts and ideas about ongoing plans and progress related to my art, and some other off topic stuff too.
If you wish to talk to me, this is a good place to do so, and there are plenty of other friendly people to talk to also who are broadly interested in anime and games.

Sometimes I open up my Discord to the public to join. This, however, is random and invite windows only lasts for a short period of time. If you wish to join for free, keep updated on my twitter as that is where I post links.

Members however, are able to join the Weresdrim Art Discord at any time. If you are a member, a button will appear below on this page that will allow you to join the server regardless of public invite windows.

This content is restricted to members only, please register and purchase a membership to unlock.

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