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Chocolate Bunnies

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Happy Easter! Have some chocolate bunnies.

Art Talk:

I tried writing out something longer, but it sounds too overly academic for such a simple and self-evident concept, dark skin (chocolate) girls in bunny suits (bunnies) for Easter! What a treat! Who is your favorite?

I did have some extra scenes for this image, but they didn’t get done in time for Easter sadly. I may get these done later, or release them half finished for members, or just move on to something else, I’m unsure. If you do want me to continue this, you can let me know in a comment or otherwise.

Disclaimer: This image is released on Easter due to its association with cultural elements of secular Easter, being the gifting of chocolate (usually in the form of eggs and bunnies), not of any religious element. No offense is intended on that part.

Until next time, see ya!
Thanks to Dimension for reviewing the dialogue.

This wasn't a commission, but was instead done just by me on my own preference.
You can find out how to request your own drawing here
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I’d love to see lewder versions of these. Reverse bunny suit or nude would be awesome.

Lord Garro

I would love to see more of this.

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