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Memberships moving forward and Game Development

I made a tweet about this recently, but I’m currently focusing more on programming in order to make a game. (The game is a secret for now).
For those who don’t know, I used to be a full time software-dev prior to being an artist. I’m not an expert, but I’d consider my ability to draw to be only a bit better than my ability to code if you were to try to make some equivalency between the two. My focus has always been to make games, with drawing being a vital part of this, but as a component, and not the end goal.
I feel the time is right to get more into this side of things and finally make some headway into it.

Unfortunately, programming time (and making art for the game) takes up time that would’ve been spent drawing regular content for here, so I cannot draw as much.
Recently when, I reopened memberships, I said I couldn’t be sure whether or not I’d be able to put out content (due to the previous months lacking in release frequency), so I warned that on-going monthly memberships would be more risky, and if you felt this risk was too high, to just purchase packs as they come out after, though I do appreciate that most people ended up providing support and re-subscribing anyways.

I totally understand if you wish to withdraw your support since rewards will likely be infrequent or go entirely without, I can’t say what’ll happen which is why I make this post to warn you.
I’d also like to bring up that many youtubers and artists simply have a Patreon that is ever-going with minimal to no rewards, that is just meant for supporting that creator, historically I was doing more than this, but now I may not be so much. I say this, but I don’t expect any of you to support me for potentially little to nothing in return for a long time.

I’ll still be creating, and drawing, I’m not sure how long this game will take, it’s still very early, but I hope to update you on it whenever I feel ready.
I’ll be a little lax on the rewards from now on, so if you have paid what would have been the equivalent of the rewards to come, you pause/cancel your membership and just ask me to give them to you since you effectively have credit for them.
I wish I could do this in an easier manner from an admin point of view, but restarting memberships from when they were paused was already such a headache to begin with so I won’t pause them again. If you do have a lot of months remaining (particularly from prior to the pause in Jun-Jul-Aug) you may request a refund by emailing me at: [email protected]
I’m much less likely to refund if your membership months remaining are only after this pause, since I warned about the lack of content for the product quite explicitly.

I know many games in development that have patreons/kickstarters that bring in a lot of money despite not even having playable versions, just to support their development. I understand this does not apply here since you do not yet know what I’m making, but this is an awkward early phase that just has to be endured. I don’t want to make any announcements for something I can’t post meaningful content about yet.

I hope you can be patient and look forward to what I’m making! But I’m not making any more promises.

When the game is finished my intent at this stage is to release it to my long term supporters for free.

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