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White Heart

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No censored content this time! Everyone gets the same stuff, only because there wasn’t anything to censor. Members still get the much better quality HD versions though.

To see uncensored versions, HD downloads and premium content you must register, then purchase a drawing pack if the drawing is old, or membership if the drawing is in the current month.
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Art Talk:

More Neptunia like I said last time.
I might’ve put more (sex) into this, but halfway through I got frustrated and just wanted to move onto something new, so be happy with what I ended up putting out lol. I’m happy enough with the end result, and I actually drew most of this prior to even starting the Neptune one. I drew a lot of another set this week too, though I’m not sure when I’ll be releasing that, might not be for a while and I could start something else. Might finish off this month with some smaller censored content, we’ll see. I’m overall glad to be back in decent productivity again compared to some prior months.

You can thank the members for not making some of this content like the text censored, as the majority who voted on it voted for non-members to get the same content, so that was nice. They’re subsidizing you this time around, or if you are a member, thank you very much, this content wouldn’t be possible without your support.


Special thanks to Dimension for semi-saving this from my frustrations, with their contributions of text and feedback.

Until next time, see ya!
This wasn't a commission, but was instead done just by me on my own preference.
You can find out how to request your own drawing here
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Love White Heart`s delicious lactation~


I think you did great on this one! Thank you so much!


Sorry to hear you had a rough time. For what it’s worth, I think you did a good job (and it’s hot too, but that goes without saying.)

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