I’ve changed the server host for this site. Please be wary of any bugs, and contact me about them either directly or in Help.

Announcement about May and June Membership

More content will be coming for those who have May membership (most of who bought in April), hopefully within the next few days as well as something hopefully toward the start/middle of June. You’ll still be able to purchase May membership (which will contain rewards released in June) during this period if you don’t already have it.

Unfortunately there probably won’t be as much content in June, and there won’t be any June membership. I’ve paused Patreon to reflect this and will keep subscriptions paused on this site, as a precaution though, do check your subscription is still inactive to be sure it won’t be charged until memberships start back up again properly.

I’m going to be working and re-evaluating some stuff I’ve continually neglected. For some reason I forgot about these things when I took on more commissions and have since then been doing my best to not neglect these commissions for the sake of those other priorities. It’s much clearer to me now what sort of changes I need to make to be more sustainable so I will hopefully open back fresh and strong once this work is done. It’ll be my aim to get the schedule back on a regular, reliable pace so everyone can once again expect drawings at certain intervals.

Thank you all for being patient and understanding πŸ™‚

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