I’ve changed the server host for this site. Please be wary of any bugs, and contact me about them either directly or in Help.

More important details about Membership

Note: This won’t impact any new members who subscribe after this post.

For totally unknown reasons, (i.e. every indicator I can find on my site indicates things are working fine, yet they are not), a few people have been charged randomly early despite their next payment date listed being correct. I have offered a refund/extra membership to all affected.

With this said, I want to stop this from happening so I have put everyone who has a subscription right now on hold. However I’ve also distributed May’s membership regardless so you’ll still have access to everything.
Re-activate your subscription at your own risk until your next payment date, the earliest being July 1st/2nd. I’ll be reactivating everyone’s account who I’ve paused closer to this date regardless, so you won’t need to do anything.

You can view your subscription here.

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