I’ve changed the server host for this site. Please be wary of any bugs, and contact me about them either directly or in Help.

Details about Membership in relation to no content in April

To simplify membership payments on my end, I’ve made everyone’s subscription renewal at the same time each month. To do this I had to move many old members dates, but I moved them in such a way that you get extra time. For instance if yours would renew on June 15th, it’ll now renew on July 1st. Some free membership basically.

Additionally since there was no content in April, I moved everyone’s renewal a month back, so no renewal in May but you’ll still have May rewards if you paid for April.
You don’t have to do anything, to get these changes, they’re already applied.

Please note this does not apply to Patreon subscribers and only to native website ones. Unfortunately Patreon gives me very little control over how their payments operate so there’s no way for me to make a good solution. This is one of the reasons I have my own website. Regardless,  I’m working on some sort of compensation for it. If you are a Patreon subscriber who paid within April you can contact me for a membership pack of your choice that you don’t own (usually $10 AUD if separately purchased), or if not, a refund.

You can contact me at [email protected]

Thanks for your support and apologies for any inconvenience, I hope you’re pleased with some of these changes if you benefited from them.

– Weresdrim

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