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Aqua’s Pride

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Art Talk:

Bit of an extension to Aqua’s fall at the beginning of Konosuba. She insults Kazuma and his fate, so Kazuma brings her with him! Who knows, maybe this scenario could’ve happened by accident.

I mentioned this on twitter, but this drawing was actually almost lost right as it was almost finished! My computer crashed and the entire file was corrupted. Thankfully clip studio had a back up save that didn’t lose much progress at all, so it was saved! If you enjoyed this drawing, I hope you can be relieved by this too, it was almost lost! 🙂

Despite this scene really just coming from the start of Konosuba, I watched it as it aired and have been a long time fan. I was quite pleased to see it was voted for so much on the member poll! I have drawn a Neptunia image that shared some Konosuba themes before here. I also have a sketch of Neptune in Megumins outfit but I ultimately didn’t have time for it at the time, and now I think I’ve outgrown its quality >.>


Until next time, see ya!

This wasn't a commission, but was instead done just by me on my own preference.
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I freaking love aqua. Yes!


Personally I’m more of a Megumin guy but I love your work here with Aqua. Kinda threw me for a loop that each part is all one picture instead of the usual multi piece




I honestly didn’t expected to see that but it’s looks really great. Also I’m really interested in megumin nep now since it combines my 2 fav girls

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