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Beach date with Uni

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Uni butt

Art Talk:

This is just one part of several in the upcoming membership milestone drawing (Futagear and Uni) but I’m releasing them as I complete each part as more vanilla stand alone images like this. 


Hope you enjoy some Uni for now, in the next scene Uni and Nepgear shall be reunited again 🙂

Also I’d just like to say thanks for all of the recent surge in membership support, and for all of members who have been supporting me thus far. I’m finally beginning to get to where I don’t need to worry about the potential of homelessness (i.e. not having the material support to continue drawing), so thanks again! Looks like I’ll be able to draw long into the future and perhaps get started on some larger projects too like animations 🙂

Until next time, see ya!

This wasn't a commission, but was instead done just by me on my own preference.
You can find out how to request your own drawing here
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nicely done dude

Last edited 2 years ago by megafaggot

It looks like Uni and Nepgear are going to have a wonderful sex~

I’m glad your life has stabilized

I’m looking forward to your animation one day


Another nice sfw/nsfw release. It’s nice to see some sfw once in a while


yes, this is true. but this is an sfw/nsfw release without any sex. this is what where are referring too with it

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