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White Heart

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Bonus Art (Artist: Crim):

Who’s hammer hits harder?

Art Talk:

There’s more coming this week (both White Sisters) in a similar way to this drawing, so rejoice for the extra content. Lowee fans have been having a great time recently here 😉
White Heart has grown on me over the years, and I enjoy the quick switch in demeanor and personality, which has also shown up in a few recent illustrations like Uzaki and Uni. 

I’m not sure if I packed too much into one image here, but it certainly helped in the exporting. I don’t talk about that too much but it usually takes me over an hour just to export everything and upload it all to here with all of the different versions and images, so it’s nice to just export the one image for this one, with it still containing plenty of content.

Bonus drawing is by Crim. Let me know if you like it and check her out, she’s linked above the pic. She did these 2 for free which was very nice, thanks to her for that. I think WH has a really cool pose in the 2nd one in particular.


Until next time, see ya!

This commission was paid for and requested by Digitalfragment, thanks to them!
You can find out how to request your own drawing here
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Please keep this wonderful art coming! Maybe do this for rom and ram to even it back out!

Kidding… unless…?


Mating Press is the best position.


How about making the man transparent to see the girls?


Oooh White Heart, nice~ Very good work *insert horny Doom Meme here*


perfect <3


Love THICC ass~


God dang that ass looks perfect


Interesting i thought this was a request im surpised 😛 2 whiteheads



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