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Bea takes on a Double Battle

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Came for the badge, came in her a**

Art Talk:

This illustration was a very challenging one for me. You’ll notice the format is different, with text bubbles and a bit of story this time. Though I have done illustrations with text bubbles before, it is very rare for me to do. However, I plan to do much more of this, as it was quite fun to do and I think it resulted in a much better product!

I think, even just thinking about dialogue helps you plan properly where you otherwise wouldn’t for a full story. At least for me, story helps a lot in how attractive something is, and I think it helped improve this one too.

Bea is my favorite character from SW/SH and one of my favorite waifus from pokemon overall (which is why she’s on the discount list). Dunno what it is about her, but she’s hot. 

You may notice less censorship this time. This is because it’s always been my plan to censor as little as possible of my art, but my income wouldn’t allow me to draw without pay walling some content. It’s hard to find a balance between these, however it’s always my plan to eventually release censorship free drawings if my living expenses are funded. I can’t guarantee how many or to what degree drawings are censored, but as memberships go up, I wish to give out more.

So please enjoy this lesser than normal censored version if you’re not a member!
If you’re a member, please enjoy in full as always and thank you.


Special thanks to Dimension for writing the majority of the dialogue in this, though I did add some parts of my own too. Dimension was the main inspiration for pushing this project to be like this so you can thank them for helping me make this new format.

Until next time, see ya!

Pose study: Terufuu

This commission was paid for and requested by Neptato Chips, thanks to them!
You can find out how to request your own drawing here

  1. I’ve chosen you to help me train.
    So don’t you dare disappoint me.
  2. Do you really call yourself a fighting Pokemon trainer?
    Can someone help you? I need MORE!
  3. Oh, a new challenger?
    Well stop just standing there and bring that dick over here!
  4. [20 mins later]
    855, 856, 857…
    Not bad newbie…
  5. [1 hour later]
    2466, 2467, 2468-
    Damn it! Fucking two at once is much better than I thought
    Fill me more!
  6. Now this… THIS is a real challenge!
    Yes… FUCK YES! Fuck me more… HARDER!
  7. My ass is all yours challenger! Dump it all… ❤️ INTO ME!~ ❤️

グーグル翻訳によって翻訳 (Translated by Google Translate into Japanese)

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Delicious DP


again can’t thank you enough for taking the time to work on this! It’s really great, hope to have a chance to work with you again!


7/10 (you didn’t really made me happy this week)




I never played SW/SH so I don’t really know her but I noticed that she is one of the popular one’s from that gen. I can’t really explain it myself too but her design is really great. It give’s me a nice dejavou from that one gym leader from the diamond and pearl game. The lewd itself is nicely drawn as usual but since double “teaming” is not really my cup of tea, I can’t say anything special to it. Keep up the good work and let’s see who’s next week


I love your art nephappy

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