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Green Heart

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Vert insisted, she needed to be banged and held up against the wall, wrapping herself around you.

Art Talk:

Sooo many versions this week! Well, the reason is of course because the position makes it hard to see the real goods, so I just grabbed this guy and gave him some see through juice (it’s totally harmless I swear).

It’s always a challenge to draw two characters interacting with each other, even more so with their whole bodies where ones position is reliant on another. Despite this, I think I did a good enough job after a lot of stress to get this one done.

The male in this scene isn’t necessarily related to the one from the series I did earlier this year, but if you want to think he is, you can, or not, idc. I felt a male with at least hair was appropriate here due to Vert’s loving gaze being quite personal, and with the male taking up a large portion of the canvas when opaque it made sense to give a little more personality.

From a distance, or if viewing this image as a thumbnail, I feel it looks very attractive. This is usually a good sign that it is composed well since the generalized vague elements look well together even without their detail. In saying that, I still have much much more to learn as far as composition goes, but I just felt good seeing it seemed alright here as it’s probably a sign of improvement.

Versions without the guy look a little weird to me since she’s holding onto nothing lol. But I feel that some people want to see just Green Heart without anything in the way, if only for the art’s sake.


Until next time, see ya!

This commission was paid for and requested by Lionfranky, thanks to them!
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Honestly, I’d love to see more variaton. It’s a bit too much Nepunia drawings recently. Maybe you should consider changing the discount on characters. Like every month new characters get a 20% and 40% discount. That way, people who want to bid for other characters have a higher chance on winning… (will probably get downvoted from Nepunia fans lol)


He’s a neptunia artist, and he just drew some one piece a few weeks ago


From the last seven images only one was not from Neptunia. I’m not saying he should stop drawing them. But the overwhelming amount of these make it hard for non-fans of this series to support him. Maybe he doesn’t care about this and is happy with the audience he has right now. That’s totally fine.


I’m well aware that the discount list is connected to your preference to the characters. The reason why I mentioned it is in my reply above.


7.5/10 (I bet I’ll still get negative feedback) -.-


Cute ahegao
Delicious lactation!Drink it all~


This one came out real clean. Really nice of you to include other versions as well!


Well I’m not exactly a fan of green heart so I can’t really say anything about her in this pic, but the way she is drawn is nice as usual. Even the ahegao is nice and I’m usually not a fan of those. So the lewd itself get’s a 👍 from me


Yes! Finally your first Green Heart art! Excellent work! I think you not only stablized but also improved your art style further!!


honestly it’s perfect (especially the uncensored version) nepamazed

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