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Noire Lingerie

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Go easy on her, Nowa is shy but she wants to show you something…

Wow, 2 neptunia drawings in a row O.O
This is much like some of the very first drawings I ever published online, I enjoyed that period a lot and I enjoyed drawing this one a lot too!
Outfit is original, although there is inspiration taken from some official arts of Noire.
I wish I could’ve followed this up with a sex scene, but I ran out of time, I’m sure more sex with Noire will come in the future though.
Overall I’m happy with how one of my fav girls turned out!

This illustration wasn’t paid for or requested, it was done on my own preference.
However, you can find out how to request your own lewd here: http://weresdrim.org/lewd-request/

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Amazing Noire!
Could you consider to draw a Noire gangbang in this outfit?


No sex this week? I’m sad. ;(


Good Pussy on the uncensored pog


Perfect lewdnowa UwU


Very good job Drim, Noire is definitely one of my favourite Neptunia girls. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed making this picture ^^


Well, would you look at that. A Noire drawing I actually like. If I would have found you earlier I would like Noire more today then I do atm. Great job weres, it’s another great piece of art from you

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