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Robin double teaming her Captain

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I wonder which one is real?

In case you’re unaware, in One Piece, Nico Robin has the ability to duplicate sections of her body, whilst still being able to manipulate them. She also has the ability to make entire clones of herself, which is what this drawing utilizes. I’ve seen several Robin lewds with hand duplicates, but I don’t recall any like this one where she makes a copy of herself to form a threesome, so it’s a pretty cool idea I think, credit goes to the requester for the idea.

Robin could do a lot more than what she’s usually drawn doing in lewds lol.

Pose study: Emoi do | Twitter | Pixiv

This commission was paid for and requested by Lionfranky, thanks to them!
You can find out how to request your own drawing here

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well….. There’s no face expression variations, this isn’t exactly POV now cause of the smirk and I don’t like smirk faces…. the vagina isn’t shown which is a letdown…… only one nipple is shown but overall you did okay this week… like a 6/10. 🙁


Yeah! Robin finally get to use her ability to full potential!! Way to go! Keep up with One Piece, and you will get more followers!!!


Totally agree. Your One Piece drawings are really good and will surely attract more people.


also i think you made a small mistake with the tag of the pic itself but it’s not that big of a deal


no problem, i wasn’t sure if you knew it or not so i just thougt i point it out in case it was a mistake


hmmm, it’s an interesting concept, nice work weres

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