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Formidable’s Throne

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Formidable likes to perform her duties, then take a seat to relax herself.

This illustration is one of my favorites to date I think. I really like this position, and anal more generally, how Formidable’s weight is just barely held up and kept from engulfing your dick entirely. Very hot indeed 😉
Her expression and her anus are my favorite parts.
I think I’ll do more anal scenes in the future since I haven’t done many and I do like them a lot, especially recently.

With this said, I am at the whim of requester’s desires somewhat which I must remind you about. This can be you! You can control the contents of one of my drawings next week, though at a price, a price that keeps this operation going.
The lewd request auction for August is happening at the time of this drawing’s release, it will continue for about a day before closing.
You can find the details here: https://weresdrim.com/lewd-request/
Good luck to everyone who places a bid!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s release, until next time, see ya 🙂

This commission was paid for and requested by anonymous, thanks to them!
You can find out how to request your own drawing here

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God I fucking love formidable, this is so good




I’m sorry but this is just a disappointment….


:NepAmazed: (I know we’re not on Discord, but I think you get the point)

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