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A beach date with Purple Heart

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Another time with Purple Heart at the beach, but just with the two of you this time 😉

This drawing was quite the challenge to make in just a week, but I managed (although a little late this week, apologies for that ;P).
I like the ways I managed to make a censored version of this one without needing to really ‘harm’ the image in any way. Plenty of ecchi anime use popsicles so I took the same idea.

You may notice the draw is a little messier in some places than usual, this is due to a quicker method of drawing I used where I just didn’t make another line art layer.
To me, making that 2nd layer with cleaner lines always takes a lot of the soul out of the sketching process… I never really like to do it but it does get rid of most of the stray mess in the end.
I might try this out some more going forward, as it did enable me to draw 2.5 figures instead of just the 1, and at a similar quality in the end I’d say, or perhaps even better.
I like to think the small mistakes add a level of charm to it, so long as they get the overall job done 😉

Pose study: Right image – Urayama (backmountain) – Zara

This commission was paid for and requested by Joker115, thanks to them!
You can find out how to request your own drawing here

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Bit bolder lines than usual. Otherwise, I love her facial expression.


*insert Doom: Eternal “I’m Horny” meme here*


i wish i could be her


the nsfw version is amazing


well, i have to say that the sfw version looks really nice

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