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Minakami Yuki – Paizuri

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Hope you enjoy Yuki even if you’re unfamiliar with her 😉

Unfortunately Subarashiki Hibi isn’t a very popular game among western audiences, though those who have played it have almost universally loved it. It is a visual novel and it’s got some content that isn’t suited to sensitive audiences, but it probably my favorite game ever and I’d thoroughly recommend it to others. It’s ranked #15 on VNDB https://vndb.org/v3144.

Usually popularity of subject dictates the popularity of these drawings, but I’m just super happy I got to work on a character from a game I love so much, and this was a (paid) request too!

First time doing paizuri too, and to me paizuri is just so visually appealing.

Until next week, see ya!
Next drawing will be of Purple Heart.

This commission was paid for and requested by Walt the Dog, thanks to them!
You can find out how to request your own drawing here

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Really nice weres


Thank you for this! Yuki looks so cute giving a paizuri! Shame she never got to give one in-game with those breasts of hers. 😛

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