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Female Anti-Mage and her Mentor

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What Anti-mage doesn’t love breaking through back-door?

Since most of my audience are anime fans instead of western media, many may be unfamiliar with the characters shown above.
As of a few days ago in Dota 2 (a game I play and have played a lot of) a cosmetic skin was announced for one of the characters, who is a male character called Anti-mage.
The special thing about this skin, is that it allows you to play Anti-mage, but as a girl. It’s basically a gender bend skin, although they are technically different characters, they look very similar and share the same abilities.

I fell in love with the design and scrapped all other plans to draw her ASAP since she just came out mid way through my work week right after the web design work I did.

So in this lewd, we have male anti-mage fucking his canon female disciple who looks *just like him* lol.

I think what I’ve drawn, but often how popular a drawing is when it comes to fan art is just how many fans actually see it, if you’re not a fan of Dota (which I expect is a lot of my fanbase?) the drawing doesn’t do as well. Although you need to take risks with other audiences to grow too!

In this case though, I don’t care, there were no lewds when I started drawing this of female anti-mage, and even now there are very few, so I’m pretty happy to put this out there for myself at the very least.

Pose study: rinhee

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