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Pregnant Nep’s Meander

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Another pregnant CPU! This scene depicts Neptune on a stroll through Virtua Forest. You may have noticed she’s also expecting here 😉 Fresh air and exercise is good for the health of the child and for Nep too, even for a Goddess it’s required.
Whilst I never spend too much time on the backgrounds, and I’ve got little experience with them, I still like scenes like these. They’re my favourite sort of settings in clean nature with lush trees, grass and freshwater. 
Her outfit was designed by me with some elements from her existing outfits, but I felt this sort of thing suited a pregnant Nep better than her other clothes. Her jersey dress wouldn’t fit I think and the hoodie would seem strange, and perhaps not noticeable. I wish I had more experience in clothing design too but I think this was cute enough.

The parts I like best about this are the overall pose and shape of Nep’s body, and her smiling face. I think I did those well.

Till next week, see ya! Enjoy.

Commissioned by: Shadow23498

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Nep looks so beautiful here! Thank you so much for all the awesome content you make


Nepu is happy


Absolutely beautiful weres

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