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C-Sha at the beach

C-Sha at the beach (7 downloads)

This is a style of drawing I used to do much more. Just a single girl in a bikini. Reminds me of the Bikini Noire pic I drew a few years ago, it was one of the first popular pics I ever drew (even though I think it looks kinda weird now lol), you can see it here: https://weresdrim.art/2017/04/30/bikini-noire/

Thanks goes to Lionfranky for letting me have a lot of control over this comm too. I actually drew the sports bra version for extra fun, the commission itself only asked for the bikini but I wanted C-Sha to wear this sort of outfit also.

Commissioned by Lionfranky

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Whenever if its Bikini or Sports, C-Sha looks good!

Great work as always, Weresdrim.

Drac Esquire

This is wonderful. The happiness I feel is indescribable. Thank you and Lionfranky for bringing this to life.


Yep. I’m proud of this commission. Nice touch on blur on background.

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