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YoRHa 2B (Breeder)

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I definitely recommend my description of these illustrations as there is a lot I had to leave out from images and short text alone:

In case you didn’t already know, canonically the B in 2B stands for “Battler”, she is usually seen as a combat unit.

However this doesn’t quite match her build, with her other 2B’s (boobs and booty), she seems more suited to hold an artificial womb than a sword in her design.
The plot for this set of illustrations is that mankind returned and gave 2B her true original role that was forgotten/hidden after they left. She was known as “YoRHa No. 2 Type B (Breeder)” by humanity. However due to the humans leaving and 2B having her old purpose become useless (being that no more human genetic material was left), YoRHa gave her a new purpose with some tinkering.

She was once used as a ‘comfort robot’ for soldiers and astronauts alike, as the conditions of space or warfare were not ideal for pregnant women for the women or their pre birth child. So 2B was designed instead, to serve as a cum dump and artificial mother in hostile conditions. These conditions also made her pre-suited to combat also to protect herself, her children or even soldiers in case of hostile situations, so it didn’t take much for YoRHa to retrofit her for battle.

Hope you enjoy!

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