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Mommy Vert – Pregnant Prequel

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This week’s illustration is a prequel to the following image: https://weresdrim.art/2019/11/17/mommy-vert/

However you personally feel about illustrations of pregnant girls, I like them a lot. I think they’re very wholesome and beautiful, and are a subject not often depicted in a non lewd way >.<

I drew the plant (affectionately called Plant-kun by a few fans in the last drawing) in the window there, this time smaller to show the chronology between this drawing and its already existing sequel where Vert has since given birth.

I do wonder what a CPU baby would be like, what powers they might have? I also wonder if its even quite possible for a CPU to be pregnant but regardless, I think being a mother fits Vert quite well.

Thanks for viewing!

Commissioned by: LionFranky

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Vert looks so dang cute here and the baby bump is nice too


As excellent as always!


That looks really nice, great job weres

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