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KonoGeimu: CPUs’ Blessing on this Gaming World!

KonoGeimu: CPUs’ Blessing on this Gaming World! (5 downloads)

Hi everyone! This is the first new drawing post from launching the site 😀

So this commission comes from an idea by the commissioner (Neppedupplayer), to set up the CPU just like the characters from Konosuba (Aqua, Kazuma, Megumin and Darkness) in a section from the OP of season 2.

This one was a lot of fun to draw, trying to capture the silliness of Konosuba and having the CPU do it. I won’t drone on about it though, I’m sure you can see how each character reacts to the situation from the picture alone!

I attached the screenshot for the requested reference to this pic, to illustrate the same reference to anyone unfamiliar or in need of a reminder.
Now if only I had the budget to animate something like this… well, I can dream lol.

As the new standard for my upload process, this post will come 1 week before I tweet or upload to pixiv or anything else. You can still post to Reddit or share however you like if you wish to your friends, but please do provide a link in the description if you do to this site (or Weresdrim.com).

Thank you!

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From the looks of it, nep seems to have the most fun. Great picture weres, I like it

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